Westlife Church | Waypoint 2025

50 Days of Prayer and Fasting 2019

April 21 – June 9

Westlife’s annual 50 Days of Prayer and Fasting takes place between Easter Sunday (April 21) and Pentecost Sunday (June 9) (50 Days).  

We want to take this season to wait on God in prayer for Westlife as we live our core value that says: “Pray First, Obey Second, Worry Never.”

Thank you for taking the time to pray and fast for Westlife.  As you do, our encouragement is to take time daily to pray using the following prayer requests for each week.  In addition, we would encourage you to fast for a meal (if your health allows) each week and use that time to pray for Westlife as we pursue God together.  The following are some prayer requests for each of the weeks during the 50 Days of Prayer and Fasting around our 2025 Waypoints.

If you are unaware of our 2025 Waypoints Vision, please watch the following video and review the following graphic.


Week 1

April 21 – April 27

Psalm 147:1-7; 1 Timothy 2:1-7

On week one, let’s spend time thanking God for leading us in the past, providing everything we have needed, and for our leadership at Westlife.  God has been faithful in the past and we can trust Him with our future.

  • Spend time thanking God for His faithfulness in our past.

  • Spend time thanking God for His provision.

  • Spend time praying for our Pastors (Bryce, Ryan, Kara, Quinn, Nadene).

  • Spend time praying for our Elders (John, Greg, Craig, Hope, Kathy, Gerry, and Brandon).

Week 2

April 28 – May 4

John 4:1-16; Ephesians 5:18

On week two, let’s spend time praying for the “Deeper” section of our 2025 Waypoints.  As part of this, we want to grow deeper in Jesus, our commitment to His Lordship/Leadership over everything in our lives as well as our church.  We want to grow in submission to the Holy Spirit who empowers us for mission and holiness.

  • Pray for God to create a holy discontent in you about where you we are in your relationship with Jesus.  Pray for God to give you a holy hunger for more of Him and a desire to go deeper. Once you have prayed for yourself, pray this same prayer for your church family at Westlife.

  • Pray for a hunger to have increased corporate prayer at Westlife, especially our Encounter Prayer and Worship events where we seek to know God deeper and be constantly surrendered and filled the Holy Spirit.  Pray that this area would grow exponentially, eventually seeing 200 different people participating in one of our Encounter Events over the ministry year.

  • Pray for more baptisms at Westlife as people turn to Jesus and take this next step of obedience.  Pray we would grow to having 25 baptisms a year, seeing it as a regular (almost weekly) part of our worship service(s).

Week 3

May 5 – May 11

Luke 15

On week three, take time and pray for us as we grow bigger as a church.  Healthy things grow and we want to see growth as we reach into our community and see people come to know and follow Jesus.  Pray for this as we make room for more people in our services and our programs.

  • Pray specifically for our Children’s, Youth, and Young Adult Summit Ministries.  These areas are key to our growth strategy and so we will invest more and more resources here.

  • Pray as we include more people and make the structural changes necessary to grow to 400 people over a weekend at Westlife.  This will involve some uncomfortable changes and we’ll need God’s wisdom as we step into these well.

Week 4

May 12 – May 18

Luke 15

On week four, take time and pray for us as we grow wider as a church.  We want to have increased missional impact as we change the world together.

  • Pray that God breaks your heart for your neighbours, co-workers, family, and friends who need Jesus.

  • Pray that God breaks our (Westlife’s) collective heart for the lost in our community and world.

  • Pray for our church as we look to boldly end relational and spiritual poverty in Springbank and West Calgary.

  • Pray for our emerging missional partnerships in West Calgary (including the Mustard Seed).

  • Pray for our partnership and work in Northern Iraq.  Pray specifically for B & J and they serve there.

  • Pray for our emerging partnership with an International Church in Mexico City.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as we look to do this well.

  • Pray for us as a church as we look for new and creative ways to empower and equip each other for mission at work, home and play.

  • Pray that the bouncy ball image Pastor Bryce used takes root in our church and becomes our driving vision image going forward.

Week 5

May 19 – May 26

Deuteronomy 31:6

On week five, take time and pray for us as we grow bolder as church.  We want to move into our future with increasingly bold steps of faith.

  • Pray for us as we boldly build and equip leaders at Westlife.  Pray for the development team who will help to create and build “Basecamp Leadership.”

  • Pray for us as we boldly move forward with increasing creativity.  Pray for courage to try and even fail as we do.

  • Pray for us as we boldly practice generosity.  We want to see more money given outside our walls.  Pray for God to unleash new levels of generosity as we move forward in faith.

Week 6

May 27 – June 2

1 Thessalonians 3:11-13

On week six, take time and pray for Westlife by praying for all those you know at Westlife.

  • Pray daily for people by name and let a couple people know that you have been praying for them – maybe even asking them for specific prayer requests as you do.

  • Ask God to bring to your mind someone at Westlife that you can connect with.  Reach out to that person this week for a conversation.

  • Pray daily for new people to come to Westlife and pray for a couple new people you have meet in the last several weeks.  If you have yet to meet anyone new, pray for opportunities to do that and build some new relationships at church.

Week 7

June 3 – June 9

Ephesians 3:14-21

On week seven, take time and pray for Westlife by praying for people to come to Jesus.

  • Pray for your neighbours and ask God to give you opportunities to build relationships with them and share your faith.

  • Pray for your co-workers/fellow students/etc. and ask God to give you opportunities to build relationship with them and share your faith.

  • God desires Westlife to be on mission and bounce (everywhere – all the time).  Pray and ask God to empower you to do that in all spheres of your life (family, work, and play).

Thank you so much for taking these 50 days to pray and fast for Westlife.  Prayer is the foundation for all that we do. Our Waypoint 2025 vision is beyond our capacity, but it is not beyond God’s.  Prayer is our expression of trust and belief that God is able to do immeasurable more than we can ask or imagine. May this season be a catalyst for prayer that spreads through the entire year as we move forward together on mission.

Thank you for partnering with us as we trust in Jesus together.

Let’s bounce!