Current amount pledged is $1,244,300.00


Part of the history of Westlife, is that when we build our physical building, we have also dedicated part of the funds to building the kingdom outside our four walls. And this building project is the same.

We have all heard about the war-torn countries in the Middle East. People being displaced from their families and their homes, and our desire are to help bring them hope through Jesus’ unconditional love. Through this horrible tragedy a window has been opened to the Church. Places that were opposed to Christianity are now becoming open to the gospel, creating a unique opportunity for the Church. Westlife, this is our opportunity to partner with C&MA as we seek to bring the gospel to the Yazidi people.

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We are excited by the prospect of having a stage in the gym. This will allow the youth to have both worship and large group games in the same space and on the same night. Furthermore, this allows for additional opportunities for both outside renters, internal seminars and various events.



Last year, we split preschool into two classes because our number of preschoolers continues to increase. This has caused all our class sizes to grow. The addition of two additional classrooms will give us room for small groups to have their own space instead of four small groups in the gym.  In addition to Sunday morning, the space will serve our various ministries, as usable space, throughout the week. 


Renovating the kitchen will allow us to serve more effectively and efficiently. We will be investing in an industrial fridge and freezer, as our current situation does not have sufficient space. Storage for departments have been carefully thought through and design elements have allowed us a space where we can serve our church’s needs.



It is time to consider replacing some of the items that are not working to the best of their ability. We will be giving our bathrooms a much-needed upgrade.




Coffee is important to Westlife.  We are excited to launch The Ridge Café. We are looking at moving our coffee bar into the library space and open it up to the foyer. This will increase traffic flow into the library and allow more space in the foyer for Sunday mornings and midweek programs.