church staff

  • Bryce Ashlin-Mayo [lead pastor]

    Bryce is our main teaching pastor and provides vision and oversight to our staff.  Not just a great leader he is more than willing to sit over coffee and chat.  Feel free to contact him.

  • Ryan Tuck [Engage & Equip]

    Ryan works with our Engage and Equip Ministries, this includes but is not limited to: Small groups, Men's and Woman's Ministries and our Welcome and Greeting teams.  If you are interested in more information or in getting involve please contact him.

  • Jordan abbott [worship]

    Jordan not only leads our Worship ministries but also our Encounter Pray and Worship Nights.  He is currently working part-time while he continues his study's at Ambrose Seminary.  If you are interested in getting involved either with Sunday Morning Worship team or our Encounter Nights please contact him!

  • Kara bryans-yu [children]

    Kara is pure gold! She pours her heart and passion into the children of Westlife. Kara faithfully leads our children's ministries, while making sure that every family at Westlife is loved and cared for.

  • Nadene kuhn [online engagement]

    Nadene is working part-time to keep our website, app, and online media outlets up to date to keep you best informed while she is studying at Ambrose Seminary. If you have any questions please contact her!

  • Quinn johnston [youth & young adults]

    Quinn is working part-time organizing our youth and young adults while he is also attending Ambrose University.  If you are interested in more information or to get involved please contact him!

  • Michelle Bushell [church Administrator]

    We want to welcome Michelle to our team as our church administrator! If you have any questions please call her at the office or send her an email!

  • kim park [finance]

    Just because Kim loves crunching numbers doesn't mean she isn't cool! She is a very cool mom who loves her family as much as (maybe even more than) crunching numbers!