At Westlife, in our effort to be part of God’s redemptive work to change the world, we strive to empower people to share at home, work and play, in West Calgary, and around the world.

Empower To Share Individually (Family, Work and Play) – We desire to equip and empower people to share the love of Jesus through word and deed in all of their relationships.  We endeavour to equip and empower Westlife people to practically love their neighbours, co-workers, and family, telling them about Jesus.

Empower To Share Together in West Calgary – We desire to empower people to, reach West Calgary with the love of Jesus through both word and deed.  We do this by strategically partnering with local groups, and working together as a church to reach our unique community sharing the hope and love of Jesus.

Westlife Church and The Mustard Seed Calgary

Empower To Share Globally – We desire to empower people to share the love of Jesus through word and deed to the ends of the earth.  In addition to supporting our denomination’s global mission strategy, we have three key partnerships that focus on three different parts of the world.  We focus our resources building relationships with partners on the ground for effective and healthy ministries. We regularly send teams to our international partners as a way to assist in their work and build long term relationships.  Note: Because our partners often serve in difficult and dangerous places, we do not publicly post who they are or where they serve.