welcome to westlife

Thanks for visiting our website. We would love to see you at one of our Sunday morning gatherings or at any of our weekly ministries. We hope you always feel welcome here. There is always room for you at Westlife.

Often, as people look to come for the first time on Sunday morning, they have a few questions... To help, here are a few answers to frequently asked questions.


  • When does the Sunday Morning service start? Currently our Sunday Gathering begins at 10am
  • What is the service like? A typical Sunday gathering lasts about 60-75 minutes and includes music, readings, prayer and a thoughtful and engaging talk on part of the Bible
  • What should I wear? You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in. Whether that is a t-shirt or a tie, we want you to feel at home. We are more concerned with what happens on the inside than what you wear on the outside.
  • Will I be asked to give any money? We receive an offering every week from those who call Westlife their home. There is no obligation to give. We are just glad your here!
  • Is there anything happening for kids on Sunday? Yes! We have exciting programming for children from newborn to grade 6. Trained and screened volunteers provide a fun, safe and engaging morning for your kids. If you prefer, you are welcome to have your children join you for the entire service.
  • What is the music like? The music at Westlife is contemporary and lively. You will usually find a full band including drums, guitars, bass, keys and vocals. We sing songs that are current, easy to follow and that praise God.
  • Can I participate during the service? We strongly encourage participation and would invite you to participate in any way you feel comfortable.
  • What next? If you have come to a Sunday gathering, the next step is to come back the following week! Also, we would invite you to join a Life Community or 3D group as these are great ways to build community and grow in your relationship with God. Feel free to visit the SERMONS page as well.