Equip for mission

Equip is a dynamic learning environment in which the Westlife community is prepared and "equipped" to live out our vision as a church in our home, work and play. 

We see a need for a teaching venue that progressively equips the believer to serve Jesus faithfully and by the power of the Holy Spirit, grow to become sanctified followers of Jesus. Equip will be offered in diverse ways, Lectures and seminars, video thoughts, and interactive learning opportunities. 

Equip {videos}: Videos are a convenient medium to bring content to our community quickly and casually. Content features people both within and external to the Westlife community; interviews, stories, and fascinating discussion. Have a content request for future videos? Email Pastor Ryan.

Equip {classes}: Classes are an easy way to get involved and appeal to our desire to be lifelong learners as we follow Jesus together. We cover a wide variety of content & topics essential to growing and maturing as followers of Jesus.

The Westlife Church app or YouTube page is the best way to

keep up with Equip published content.

Great dates

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  • Great dates 1 | communication 101

    How do you say what you mean and understand what you hear?

    This session introduces us to two essential communication skills.

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  • Great Dates 2 | How you say the things you do

    How can we create a safe space for good communication?

    This session examines our emotional safety needs. 

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  • Great dates 3 | Emotional Connection

    Do you ever feel like you and your spouse are not connecting when you talk? This session looks at the secret to emotional connection in our relationships.

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  • Great dates 4 | when not to talk

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  • Great dates 5 | Let's talk love

    Coming May 31