volunteer to help

If you would love to help others in need, we are building a team of volunteers to provide support for others. Since the coronavirus is contagious, we will take every precaution to ensure that we are spreading kindness only.
Our Community Response Team will run errands or deliver groceries to those who could use a helping hand. 
Our Care Team will contact people who needs encouragement and pray for them over the phone.
If you would like to make a contribution to help with some of the basic costs associated with providing for those in need during this pandemic, please give to our "Missional Partnership Fund" which provides for our COVID-19 Response.
We want to help you support your neighbours. One way is to print off the postcard available for download here. Then fill out your name and phone number on the card before dropping it off at your neighbours.
Put up posters in your neighbourhood to let people know that Westlife Cares and we are here to help.
Sew masks for Healthcare Workers for everyday errands and for families to visit a loved one in Palliative Care.
Colour and decorate your poster, deliver to a neigbour's porch, or tape it to your community mailbox to let people know that Westlife Cares and we are here to help. Remember to send a picture of you competed project to office@westlifechurch.ca