As a church, it is our desire that you would find Westlife to be a place where you are known and cared for. We know that at times, everyone needs a little help. We would love to support you no matter what situation you are facing. Here are a few ways we would love to come alongside you:


We don’t want anyone to feel like they are on their own. If you are self-isolating or felling concerned, we would love to help. Our church has a team of volunteers that would love to support you. We can help with errands or picking up groceries. We would love to encourage you over the phone. If you would like to talk to someone about your situation, please contact the church office at 403.242.3431 or fill out the form below.


If you have any concerns, we would love to pray for you. Fill out the form below to submit a prayer request.  Your request will be prayed for and kept in confidence by our church staff.